Auckward Love gets drunk and does things nobody is proud of.

Alice wouldn’t know what to do with a penis if it hit her in the face. Vicky knows too much and uses her power-tripping-prowess to her every advantage. Zoe is a pro at bedding random women, and even better at keeping her feelings out of it. And Grace believes everything must be left to the universe... except, of course, her choice of pizza topping.

Auckward Love is a refreshingly accurate portrayal of women doing actual women shit. Join Alice, Vicky, Zoe and Grace as they take millennial life by the balls and launch themselves head first into love, lust and everything between.

Auckward Love was created by Holly, Jess and Emmett of We Three Productions - an Auckland based team of multi-disciplinary creatives, dedicated to mounting honest, bold and raw stories that smash the glass ceiling.


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Laurel NZWF 2017 Official Selection
Laurel NZWF 2017 Best Narrative
Laurel NZWF 2017 Best Ensemble
Laurel NZWF 2017 Best Director - Emmett Skilton
Laurel NZWF 2017 Best Actress - Holly Shervey
Laurel NZWF 2017 Best Actress - Lucinda Hare
Laurel 2017 GCIFF
Laurel 2016 Shortpole London IFF Official Selection
Laurel 2016 Roma Cinemadoc
Laurel 2016 Miami Official Selection - November
Laurel 2016 Miami Official Selection - March
Laurel 2016 MWF Official Selection
Laurel 2016 MWF Supporting Actor Nominee
Laurel 2016 MWF Best Screenplay Nominee
Laurel 2016 MWF Best Director Nominee
Laurel 2016 MWF Best Comedy Nominee
Laurel 2016 LACFOS
Laurel 2016 FIDEWA
Laurel 2016 BAWF
Laurel 2016 Baja Web Fest
Laurel Indie Wise Official Selection


Portrait of Holly Shervey
Holly Shervey more_vert

Creator & Co-Writer

Holly Shervey close

Holly is an actor, writer and producer whose career began as a teenager in Queenstown with a role in the short film A Thousand Masks directed by Lisa Beedham.

Since then, Holly has completed her Diploma in Film and Television in Canterbury, and also graduated as a Voice, Speech and Acting Coach with The New Zealand Speech Board.

Holly most recently completed the rigorous, practice-based year-long course, The Actors’ Program, in Auckland, where she gained her Diploma in Acting. Holly also studied improvisation technique at the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles and now continues to work privately with world renowned acting coach Miranda Harcourt.

Holly’s most recent theatre appearances include ‘Astrid’ in Crunchy Silk, directed by Edwin Wright, and ‘Violet’ in Royals of Kihi Kihi directed by Zinnie Selwyn. Holly also appeared on screen as ‘Brigette Roberts’ on South Pacific Pictures’ Shortland Street, with her most recent screen work as ‘Alice’, the central character in the comedy web-series Auckward Love, which she also created and produced.

Portrait of Lucinda Hare
Lucinda Hare more_vert


Lucinda Hare close

Lucinda Hare is a recent graduate of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand drama school, and is currently a master class student of The Meisner Technique.

This year she has worked on South Pacific pictures second season of The Brokenwood Mysteries as ‘Cushla’ and was core cast in Auckland Theatre Company’s sell out season of Lysistrata under the direction of Michael Hurst where she received great reviews for her role as Lampito the Spartan. She also stars as ‘Vicky’, a core cast character on new comedy web series Auckward Love, which is 90% female cast and crew.

Luci is a very strong voice artist and was an on air host for The Radio Network on the drive show for Flava and has a string of great voice ads.

Career highlights include playing ‘Kat’ in South Pacific Pictures’ Step Dave, and having the opportunity to work with The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Lisa Harrow in King Lear, Where she played ‘Goneril’. Luci also performed the part of ‘Pats’ in the original New Zealand work of Royals of Kihi kihi.

Portrait of Jess Sayer
Jess Sayer more_vert

Co-Creator & Head Writer

Jess Sayer close

Jess is an actor and playwright living and working in Auckland and Rotorua. She has won the Playmarket b4 25 competition three times, been shortlisted for the Adam NZ Play Award twice and is the 2015 recipient of the Bruce Mason Award. She co-founded Junket Theatre Company in 2012 and has since staged four of her own works: Elevator, Wings, Crunchy Silk and Fix at The Basement Theatre in Auckland. Elevator has also been produced in the USA, while Wings has had seasons in Wellington, Dunedin and Palmerston North.

Her writing has been described as ‘razor-sharp’, ‘brave’, ‘absorbingly dark’ and ‘not for the faint-hearted’ with the ‘ability to be off-hand and flippant, then hard-hitting and punishing, sometimes within the same sentence.’

Jess has been involved in story development for Filthy Productions and South Pacific Pictures, and has written and story-lined for Cinco Cine. She is currently a writer at The Blue Baths, Rotorua.

Jess is an inaugural graduate of The Actors’ Program and her acting credits include; ‘Mo’ in Mo and Jess Kill Susie by Gary Henderson, ‘Margaret Reardon’ in Always My Sister by Michelanne Forster and ‘Alice’ in Famous Flora by Elisabeth Easther.

Portrait of Jess Holly Bates
Jess Holly Bates more_vert


Jess Holly Bates close

Jess is a Pakeha performer, writer and theatre-maker based in Auckland, hailing from the Far North. Having studied extensively at University of Auckland in both Chemistry and English (BScMA), she then turned to performance and graduated from the Philippe Gaulier School of Theatre in 2015.

She was first introduced to the small screen as series regular ‘Shay’ on Nothing Trivial: Season 2, and her theatre credits include The Heretic (ATC), Blind Date Project (Silo), and White Rabbit Red Rabbit (Silo). Her solo show Real Fake White Dirt has been published as an acclaimed book of poetry, and has toured Edinburgh, London and performed to sell-out audiences at the NZ Fringe, where it was awarded Best NZ Writing in 2015.

In 2016, she launches her first collaborative work The Offensive Nipple Show, showing in both Auckland and Wellington and performs at the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival. She has been delighted to work with the cast and crew of Auckward Love, and has relished playing the sensual and specific contradictions of the loveable ‘Grace’.

Auckward Love Season 3 Cover'

Core Crew

Portrait of Emmett Skilton
Emmett Skilton more_vert

Director, Producer & Co-Writer


Emmett Skilton close

Emmett is a New Zealand-born actor whose professional career began at the age of fifteen with a guest role on the New Zealand series Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby. Emmett has since continued to secure various roles in film and television, as well as having a heavy involvement in New Zealand theatre.

Emmett graduated New Zealand's leading school for acting; Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School at the end of 2009 and within months had secured the lead role of Axl Johnson in The Almighty Johnsons, which completed it's third season in late 2013.

He then spent the first half of 2014 leading the promotion of the show's first season release in United Kingdom and the United States on popular cable channel SYFY.

His most recent credits include international feature films Bella and The Wonder 3D, environmentally focussed theatre show Between Two Waves, AMC series The Making Of The Mob: Chicago, and web-series Auckward Love, which he also produced and directed.

Portrait of Nina Wells
Nina Wells more_vert

Director of Photography


Nina Wells close

Nina strive to be creatively cinematic in everything she does and succeeds upon working with clients and partners who trigger this within her and are determined to go beyond the norm.

She naturally loves a good challenge and seems to be known as a perfectionist which can only be good for us!

In addition to that she is a driven passionate Cinematographer, Director, Producer & Editor so she is your one stop shop for efficiency with her commissioned work covering a large scope and variety.

Portrait of Enny Benzonelli
Enny Benzonelli more_vert

Editor & Graphic Designer


Enny Benzonelli close

Enny moved to New Zealand from Switzerland in 2009 after an extensive career in banking to fulfil his passion for film and television. He attended South Seas Film and Television School and after a soul searching tour of Aotearoa, he felt in love with New Zealand and made Auckland his home.

Enny freelances in the media industry on numerous interesting projects. He is an independent editor, web designer, producer, director with a high level of artistic skills and a magnificent eye for detail. Enny has worked on feature and short films, indie, commercial and corporate projects.


Season 1

Support Cast
Dan Dean O'Gorman
Felicity Jessemey Bank
Grant Richard Green
Leah Shara Connelly
Kat Cherie Moore
Aimee Louisa Hutchinson
Jacinta Darlene Mohekey
Willard Will Hall
Samuel Zinnie Selwyn
Gus Taylor Barrett
Lauren Leah Carrell
Alana Amanda Tito
Jamie Jaya Robertson
Curtis Emmett Skilton
Brian Ben Barrington
Sally Christel Chapman
Matthew Michael Probine
Eleonor Margerie Probine
Crew Members
Written by Jess Sayer
Emmett Skilton
Sound Design by Amy Barber
Script Consultant Miranda Harcourt
Photography & Publicity Design by Sacha Stejko
Production Assistants Alex Tarrant
Adrian Hooke
Sound Recordist Katie Paterson
Executive Producers Holly Shervey
Jess Sayer
Emmett Skilton
Charlotte Larsen
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Support Cast
Andy Jay Chasland
Sam Simon Mead
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Black Jack Dealer Jimmy Cho
Supervisor Alexander Suarez
Security Officer Hala Tausia
SKYCITY Show Girl Natalie Sangster
Crew Members
Sound Designer Amy Barber
Sound Editor Ben Parker
Gaffer Kyle von Tonder
Focus Puller Nina Wells
1st AD Scott Boswell
2nd AD Tracey Olivier
Additional AD Sara Stone
Sound recordist Hugh Williams
Camera Assistant Jack Hurst
Key make-up artists Emma Clement
Mikayla June
Make-up assistants Millie Rose Hooke
Maddison Paige
Jessica Hunt
Onset photographer Tracey Olivier
Music Superviser Luuize Chandler
Colourist Nina Wells
Titles, Graphics, Online Editor Enny Benzonelli
Publicity Photographer Sacha Stejko
Publicity Lucy Ewen
Simone Lewis
Written by Jess Sayer
Holly Shervey
Emmett Skilton
Executive Producers Emmett Skilton
Holly Shervey
Jess Sayer
Charlotte Larsen
Series Producer Emmett Skilton
Felix Leonard Mathews
Stephanie Sonia Spyve
Eric Efim Bychkunov
Richard Rusty Hattle
Charlie Courtney Elizabeth Eggleton
Lena Lydia Buckley-Gorman
Vaughn Vanya Essin
Damo David Sears-Ngatai
Mattias Mohammed Awaiz
David Daniel Hunt
Kristian Karlton Laing
Shaun Scott Boswell
Lizzie Erina Cooper
Erin Ellie Maloney
Ana Eloise Veber
Mary Makayla June
Beth Brooke Miller
Laura Leah Carrell
Amelia Aria Jones
Ashley Alice Pearce
Blake Benjamin Mitchell
Charlotte Chrissy Laing
Luke Lyndon Katene
Will Karl Drake
Robert Richie Lovelock
Lucy Lydia Buckley-Gorman
Brittany Becky Kuek
Serena Adele Krantz
Ellie Eloise Veber
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Gallery Photographer Tracey Olivier
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Developed by Jess Sayer
Holly Shervey
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Storylined by Jess Sayer
Holly Shervey
Emmett Skilton
Lucinda Hare
Jess Holly Bates
Andi Crown
Bryony Skillington
Written by Jess Sayer (Eps. 1, 3 and 8)
Emmett Skilton (Eps. 2 and 8)
Bryony Skillington (Eps. 4 and 6)
Holly Shervey (Eps. 5, 7 and 8)
Head Writer Jess Sayer
Script Advisor Abigail Greenwood
Colourist Alana Cotton
Sound Designers Adam Iles
Clive Broughton
Artwork created by Amanda Billing
1st Assistant Director Alexander Gandar
Production Manager Rachael Blampied
Production Assistant Alex Schofield
3rd Assistant Director Bryony Skillington
Sound Recordist Hayden Rountree
Gaffer Kyle van Tonder
1st Light Assistant Yang Yang
Additional Light Assistant Nathan Mallinger
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2nd Camera Assistant Callum Thomas
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Additional Camera Assistant Aaron Carter
Make Up Designer Luci Hare
Key Make Up Artists Makayla June
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